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By: amit09535 | May 31, 2016

Submitting a job application was not as easy as we imagine, in addition we have to prepare a job application letter, CV and resume, there is another equally important in applying for a job, that photo. During this time many people thought that the size of the photograph was not overly influence on someone. It could be that they think that the photos only some of the requirements that must be completed, even though in this case the image has an important role determining your application. Then how the photo job application tips are good and right? To allow the applicant to get an interview in the company who is in need of a prospective employee.

Tips on job application photos certainly not as simple as one might imagine, because there are cer...

By: amit09535 | May 31, 2016

Good personal reputation is an invaluable asset that improves the quality of your CV and open the door to your career success. However, once tarnished, your good name will probably never recover. Build and protect your reputation is entirely in your own hands.

Personal Reputation That Is?
Your personal reputation is the overall opinion of others about you. Things reflecting all views about you and experience when they interact with you.

Three Reasons Why it is Important Personal Reputation

  • ¬†Looking for work. A potential labor recruiters can learn about your reputation before meeting with you personally. What they hear will determine whether they decide to interview you or not.
  • References. When the former head you provide verbal references,...

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