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By: amit09535 | May 31, 2016

Good personal reputation is an invaluable asset that improves the quality of your CV and open the door to your career success. However, once tarnished, your good name will probably never recover. Build and protect your reputation is entirely in your own hands.

Personal Reputation That Is?
Your personal reputation is the overall opinion of others about you. Things reflecting all views about you and experience when they interact with you.

Three Reasons Why it is Important Personal Reputation

  • ¬†Looking for work. A potential labor recruiters can learn about your reputation before meeting with you personally. What they hear will determine whether they decide to interview you or not.
  • References. When the former head you provide verbal references, they tend to give clear, honest assessment about you.
  • ¬†Your job at this time. Are you new workers or are at a high executive level, your personal reputation affect your promotion prospects and the willingness of colleagues to work with you.

How to Create and Maintain Your Personal Reputation

  • Acting with integrity. This means "doing the right thing", being honest and carry out your promises. For example, if you think to fool your boss, think again. If caught, your reputation instantly in tatters.
  • Serious in your work. Always trying to show that you are conscientious, committed and enthusiastic about your job. You have the opportunity to get a promotion or a better job offer if people know you have the right attitude.
  • Be careful in the online world. The website is one of the first places seen by recruitment consultants and the companies when checking out your profile. Anything you publish on the web, especially on social media, can haunt you forever.
  • Respect others. Stay calm, even in difficult situations, will improve your reputation. Also remember, the world is small. People you mentioned today could be the same person who will read your CV when you apply for a job in the next year.
  • Be a networker. If you want others to be aware of your great reputation, you have to connect to their network. Networking and reputation are interrelated, since it is easier to create a new contact when you have a good reputation.

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